Leveraging ESG for Business Opportunities in Sabah

Leveraging ESG for Business Opportunities in Sabah

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We are honored to be invited by Alliance Bank to participate an event last week - Leveraging ESG for Business Opportunities in Sabah, co-organize by AWC Jesselton Corporate Services Sdn Bhd.

The attendees were enthusiastic in asking questions, demonstrating their strong interest in renewable energy. This active engagement can drive the sustainable energy development in the Sabah region, bringing about positive impacts on both the environment and the economy.

Promoting the adoption of renewable energy by businesses is a crucial objective that helps reduce carbon emissions, positive environmental impacts, and contribute to sustainable development. Through collaboration and concerted efforts, we can encourage more businesses to embrace sustainable energy solutions, assisting them in achieving their sustainability goals and contributing to a greener future.

Save Earth, Save a life, Save us all 馃審

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25 Sep 2023